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The Japanese "wife" robot priced at S100,000USD, sold out in one hour? Be careful not to be deceived


It is circulated on the Internet that Japan has invented a "wife" robot, with a beautiful and elegant appearance, and interactive dialogue, and can switch different expressions and actions according to the language. Some media claimed that she had all the characteristics of a wife except for being unable to have children.

Robot wife

But in fact, the above is completely fake news. The robot is not the "wife robot" mentioned in the media, but an intelligent robot developed by the team of the father of Japanese robots, Ishiguro Hiroshi, named Erika (ERICA), which was first made in 2015. Debut. According to a statement issued by Ishiguro and his team, ERICA is a 23-year-old woman who will always remain 23 years old, with a height of 166 cm, a bust of 84 cm, and a shoulder width of 36 cm, able to communicate with people in English and Japanese.

Robot wife

ERICA has the ability of speech recognition, can answer visitors' questions, and even chat with each other. In the short film "The Performers", ERICA even asked her question to the camera: I was thinking, what is the difference between you and me. This problem has shocked people for a long time, because the ability to think about problems is something that humans have, but robots do not. But don't worry, she currently does not have the ability to think, the above may be the procedures set for her.

Robot wife

In Ishiguro's opinion, ERICA is the smartest and most beautiful robot in the world. Although we often say not to judge people by their appearance, when designing robots in various countries, they will try their best to make them appear more beautiful. ERICA is no exception. Her looks are composed of the facial structures of many beautiful women in Japan. Ishiguro and his team also equipped her with a voice recorded by a seiyuu when designing it, which was again synthesized by a computer to become her exclusive voice.

ERICA is more powerful in that she can distinguish the position of the interlocutor and adjust her direction. This is because her body is equipped with various technologies such as infrared human body tracking and natural motion generation, and her mouth, eyes and neck can also make various expressions and actions based on corresponding emotions.
Robot wife

It's just that the "wife robot" reported by the media can do everything except childbirth. This is not in line with the actual situation of ERICA. She is not a companion robot, but a research robot. The current technology can only support her owning 19 % Freedom, and her feet are difficult to support the weight of the whole body, which makes it difficult for her to move autonomously; her hands cannot move naturally, so it is difficult to operate complex tools, such as cooking, cleaning up housework, etc.

Robot wife

In addition, the production cost of ERICA is very high. According to relevant sources, the price of the robot varies according to the performance of the robot. However, even the cheapest intelligent robot is priced at 630,000 yuan, which ordinary people cannot afford. Only a few companies or research labs will buy it.

Moreover, ERICA is not a sex robot, so her skin texture and body function design are completely different from those of sex robots, so there is no such thing as a "ten thousand berserk" as reported by the media.
Robot wife

ERICA's career

Because ERICA has a beautiful image and a high degree of intelligence, ERICA has accepted many "job" invitations, such as serving as a Japanese news anchor. And now she has accepted the invitation of the movie "b" to play the heroine robot ERICA in the movie.
However, the producer also said that because ERICA has no life experience and it is difficult to integrate the emotions in the film, it is necessary to teach her movements and emotions in a one-to-one manner, and to control her reactions through programs so that she can Better integrate into the movie.
Why robots are difficult to mass produce
Although my country’s robot Jiajia is not as well-known as ERICA, my country’s intelligent interactive robots are also developing. The appearance of the third-generation interactive robot "Jiajia" developed by the University of Science and Technology of China does not belong to ERICA, and even looks more like a real person than ERICA .
Robot wife

In terms of interaction design, Jiajia received a lot of speech training like ERICA, and found her bugs through brute force testing, and then corrected them; then tested and corrected them. Today Jiajia can understand most of what she says, but like ERICA, it is also difficult for her to achieve mass production. The reason is the high price.

Robot wifeAccording to reports, the production cost of today's robots cannot be greatly reduced, so robots currently only exist in laboratories and cannot be seen on the market.

However, a robot enthusiast in India designed a robot "Saru" for about 3 years by his own efforts. It was only compared with the robot designed by professional teams in China and Japan. The face is relatively rough, and although the production cost is low, people are generally not interested in it.
Robot wife
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